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I have received 7 old photos from our local historian of an ACL train wreck. All that is on the back of the photos is the year of 1914, and that it was an "ACL train wreck on a curve south of Ocala". The steam engine looked like it was a 2-6-?, and a second locomotive has run into the back of the first. At first I thought it was an articulated locomotive, but I do not belive ACL had any on their roster. Any help would be appreciated very much, as my local model railroad club is trying to preseve all the railroad history in this area both ACL and SAL. I will bring the photos down to the Tampa meeting next month. Allen L. Wiener, Ocala, FL

-- Allen L. Wiener (, September 23, 2001


There was a SAL wreck on a curve in Ocala in the late teens or 2o's..Are you sure it was ACL????

-- Steve Manuel (, September 24, 2001.

Checked the ICC reports-no ICC investigation of any ACL wrecks in Fla in 1914. Could the year be 1919?

-- Michael W. Savchak (, September 24, 2001.

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