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What garden seed catalogs have been discontinued?

-- Cindy Herbek (, September 23, 2001


Gursney, Fields, Spring Hill, Stokes are among those that I recall at the moment.

-- Karen (, September 23, 2001.

Hi, what is happening out there, I know Starks bros. are no longer in business, where are we going to get our seeds, If there all going under, I have been getting some of my seeds from jungs and burpee. I think we are in for some really hard times. God bless Irene

-- Irene texas (, September 23, 2001.

Hi Cindy, I have just recently (within the last week or so) ordered some seed catalogs online from the following companies. Here are the website addys... and you can visit a bunch of other sites at Hope this helps. :-D

-- Kim in Indiana (, September 23, 2001.

hmm, i did not get a catalogue for bethleham seeds, & no more web site,did they die or move? i order several basic root crops & greens from let me know if you have contact info for them! My personal favorites that are still alive: whilhite seeds[tx], cooks garden[vt], shepards seeds[vt], pinetree garden seeds[me], evergreen seeds [ca],kitazawa seed co [ca], territorial seed co[ca/or?], vermont bean seed co [duh], berlin seeds[oh?], my ab fab is currently....BAKER CREEK SEED CO. [ ], they have cheeaap homesteader packs, all non-gmo seeds,heirlooms, massive selection & high germ rate for the lowest prices too![nope i don't get a kick back!:}] Hey weren't gurney & fields by the same co? i always thought they were a lot of hype for inferior seeds & amounts. For bareroot fruit nut & trees try [wa] marvelous selection decent prices. All they have sent have shipped well even this far south!

-- bj pepper in C. MS. (, September 23, 2001.

I like Hope Seeds, Terra Edibles, and Mapple Farm. All open pollinated seed and many heirlooms and they are all Canadian.

-- Alison in NS (, September 24, 2001.

Okay, here it is. I have a friend in the business, and according to her the parent company to Stark and several other catalogs (a total of 6, I can't remember all of the names) has declared bankruptcy. Apparently they have been sold to a different company, though, and will all be published later in the year; probably mailed December to February. If you have any questions, you can go to and e-mail them with questions. They have connections to a lot of the seed companies, including Stark, Jungs and Vermont Bean and Seed. Good luck!

-- Christine in OK (, September 25, 2001.

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