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Hi, thanks for all the replies to my previous questions - I've gained a great deal of moral support from this site aswell as good advice.

The saga with DLA (on behalf of Abbey) continues with them now threatening court action unless I complete the I & E form. They say that they have provided all information that they are required to enclose and have substantiated the date. In fact every document that I have asked to see has not been disclosed and although they say they note my comments, they dont take a blind bit of notice of any questions I ask!

I have no intention of completing the I & E form as I'm not accepting liability without proof (of which I dispute). What should my next move be?

-- Joanna Berry (foxwood60@aol.com), September 21, 2001


Keep politely requesting all the documents that you want and keep disputing their claim until 'the have provided documentation to support their claim and to show your liability'.

I kept a copy but sent back the original I&E form with a brief statement to say that I was not prepared to complete it until such time as I was in receipt of the fact, the documents etc etc etc and only then if I and my advisors were completely satisfied as the the legitimacy of their claim.

-- Matt (mattyc@ntlworld.com), September 21, 2001.

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