Powerbook screen not waking

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I have a Powerbook Pismo 400MHz with OS 9.1. After over 1 year of use, suddenly I am having problems with the screen staying dark when the computer wakes. I have no clue how this started-- maybe I changed some setting.

This happens regardless of whether I put the computer to sleep from the menu or by closing the computer. I have tried the obvious: thrashing Finder Prefs, Energy Saver Prefs, Power Management Prefs, zapped the PRAM, etc. No luck. The computer wakens and the hard drive spins but the screen stays dark. Punching keys or tapping the Trackpad has no effect. Force Quit and pressing the Power Button does nothing. I am forced to reboot with Command/Control/Power

I have also tried various combinations of the settings in the Energy Saver Control Panel. No luck.



-- Leon Pereira (DrLeon@Mac.com), September 21, 2001

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