Diluted Xtol and New Delta 400

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As Kodak have now revised their advice about Xtol, and do not suggest using it highly diluted, I have not been able to find any recommended times for new Delta 400. I am thinking of dilutions of 1+2 and 1+3. Their old times, of course, can still be found, but these predate the new film. Does anyone have any times they have found useful for this film (especially on 120) for 400, 500, 800 and 1600 ISO? When suggesting, please include your agitation procedures and temperatures.

Many thanks...

-- Ed Hurst (BullMoo@hotmail.com), September 20, 2001


Compare the old vs new Delta times in another similar developer, like Ilfosol-S or undiluted Xtol. Then change your time for diluted Xtol by the same percentage. The manufacturer's times, or anyone else's, are good only as a starting point. You must test and adjust for the results you prefer.

-- Tim Brown (brownt@flash.net), September 20, 2001.

I use Delta 400 developed in XTOL. 2 parts water 1 part XTOL. 15 mins 20 deg C. No problems (so far).

-- Melvin (bramley@nanaimo.ark.com), September 20, 2001.

Ed, I just developed a roll of the new delta 400 in Xtol. I exposed it at ISo 360 and gave it 7.25 minutes in straight Xtol at 68 degrees. The results were great. I generally like to dilute Xtol but this last bit was the end of my batch and I wanted to experiment a little. I have never had any of the trouble related to the dreaded Xtol failure some others have experienced. I really love the stuff, especially with tri-x and t-max 400. Could you let us know any times and temperatures that you come up with for Xtol dilutions and the new Deltal 400.

-- Justin Fullmer (provo.jfullmer@state.ut.us), September 26, 2001.

The inside of my boxes of the new Ilford Delta 400 (120 size) have printed processing directions and times for a wide variety of developers including X-tol straight and 1:1. Interestingly, they recommend an EI of 500 when using X-tol.

-- Ron Gratz (rkgratz@mtu.edu), October 03, 2001.

I wonder if someone has information on why Kodak no longer recommends dilutions beyond 1:1. I hadn't even gotten around to trying this yet. I'm sure part of the appeal is for economy while maintaining a consistent result by using it as a one-shot. Does anyone know the reason Kodak has changed its mind and is discouraging the practice? Any bad results to report?

-- Bob Fleischman (RFXMAIL@prodigy.net), November 14, 2001.

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