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I am taking the liberty of sending you the address of a memorial site that my son has started. It is self-explanitory but I sure am proud of what he has done. If anyone is interested, here goes:

-- Kari (, September 20, 2001


Kari -- what a wonderful thing your son has done, and what a wonderful young man he must be. You must be very proud.

I see that Robb's goal is to get 1000 signatures and messages of support to send off to Mayor Guilliani. I have taken the liberty of sending the address to many friends and contacts online. I hope this brings in some additional traffic, and signatures.

God Bless.

-- Tracy Rimmer (, October 18, 2001.

Mom, Tracy - Thanks! I hope to spread my message of understanding, rather than the notion of "hurrah for peace by superior firepower".

I think the whole thing is silly and tragic, and nothing more than a large scale version of schoolyard bullies fighting over who's bigger and badder.

Anyways, thanks for helping spread the word!

Robb McCaghren

-- Kari's Son (, October 20, 2001.

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