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I have a few false blue indigo seeds and more marshmallow seeds i don't need. anyone want any? if so, send me email off the board! i'd want a SASE sent to me though.

false blue indigo is a beautiful perinneal plant, and i could probably find growing instructions in one of my books. it gets to be about a 4 foot tall "bush" with broad leaves that dies completely back in the winter and starts over. the flowers are a deep gorgeous blue that reminds me of sweet peas, only this is hardier. the seed pods look like pea pods too. beautiful in flower gardens, and i like them in vases as long, flowing flowers

podding radish is a milder alternative to radish, and seeds are expensive in catalogues. you only need a few. the pods are what you eat, not the root, but they taste like radishes. they bloom all through the hot months, and i ignored mine a while, thinking them dead and gone (and let the seeds dry in the pods to harvest) and...i suddenly have more little pods! yum! they are best when tiny and tender, and can be steamed though i haven't tried them this way yet.

well, i have extra seeds i would send out folks wanted any.

-- marcee king (, September 19, 2001


OOH! Marci I would just about kill for some Baptisia! (false Indigo) I have been looking and looking for seeds and I did see plants available in an herb catalogue (Richters) but I don't recall them offering seeds. I saw the Baptisia on martha Stewart of all places about 5 years ago (probably the last time I watched her show) and knew I had to have it in my border! Regarding podding radishes, you can get edible seed pods from the regular ones too. They are delicious to snack on out in the garden and ya don't have to scrub them first!!LOL

-- Alison in NS (, September 19, 2001.

these pods taste more mild than the one from the radish plants proper, as far as my taste buds can tell....

-- marcee king (, September 19, 2001.

if they will grow in Mich,,Ill take some,, will trade for what I have

-- stan (, September 19, 2001.

I have some yellow delicious apple seeds to trade for the Marsh Mallow seeds if you still have any. Jane

-- Jane Smith (, September 23, 2001.

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