What is ERIN TN like?

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What is ERIN TN like?

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), September 17, 2001


Kenneth, Just saw this post today and thought I would try to give you some information. I live in the next county. Only 10 miles away from Erin.

It's an Irish town. Has the name little Ireland. It is nestled between two hills in a hollow. Beautiful country. Quite a bit of farming in the area. about 30 miles from Clarksville which has about 50,000 pop. Has a large logging industry. country is dominated by two family names, some times like the Hatfields & Mccoys. Other times stick together like Family.

Erin is near Land Between the lakes and Ky. lake. Both hunting deer, turkey and coon are plentifully. Land is cheap. Much of it is very hilly and steep though. Not much more I can think of unless you have specific questions.

Hope this helps.


-- charles (cbgentry@mlec.net), October 06, 2001.

What is typical cost for say 4 acres and a 3bd 2 bth home?

How is the employment situation?

Is taxes baaad in that area?

Is Erin in a flood plane? Toranado alley?


OK two families Do we get to join one or both? :o)

How are the schools? I mean are the teachers friendly and helpful or do they not care. Is their violence in the schools?

Does the schools perform locker searches?

We have a 7 year old and want her in a good family type school.

-- Kenneth in N.C. (wizardsplace13@hotmail.com), November 21, 2001.

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