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New Nubian doe is off her feed this morning. This girl usually inhales anything put in front of her, so I'm a little concerned. She doesn't otherwise seem sick, although her milk production has declined over the last week. I believe she is about one month bred. Do goats get morning sickness(silly question, I know)? And another silly question, is there a milk withdrawal on Probios?

-- mary (, September 17, 2001


I would try some giving her some Baking Soda water. Also I would get some Pro-Bios. I would also give an injection of penicillan. Exactly how old is she? She can't be too old if you can carry her. There is a disease out there called, Floppy Kid Syndrome. Nobody really knows what causes it, but baking soda and penicillan is the cure. My kids had it this last year.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, October 22, 2003.

Not sure about the "off feed" situation. If it continues, then get worried. Goats will go off feed from time to time for a day or so. If it becomes a habit, then look for other symtoms or situations that may be contributing.

As far as the Probios milk withdrawal, no, probios is safe. It is more of a "ruminant-stimulator" than anything. It isn't harmful.

Hope this helps.

-- JimR (, September 17, 2001.

mary, this is my day to talk with you I guess. I got goats as well a chickens. Do you have any baking soda put out for her? I always keep it out for the goats. they will eat it if they have a little gastric problems and it preempts some bloats. also what is her feed? sometimes if they are having problems with rumination(I assume she might have had them or you would'nt need probios) you have to cut the amount of feed concentrates to encourage adequate hay intake. it is the roughage(hay) that actually stimulates ammonia for rumination. and more rumination stimulates, more rumination. so concentrates tend to slow this down, and if the goat feels full, it won't eat enough hay, or grass. so you have to sort of cut the concentrates to encourage roughage. this takes usually a few days, and lots of "Blahhhhhs" . good luck.

-- terrymcmillan (, September 17, 2001.

Thanks, Jim and Terry, for the advice. "Ruthie" is better today. In retrospect, I think I brought on that stomach upset by giving the goats "treats" on Saturday--a few corn stalks and husks, and the peel of a banana squash(I had noticed the local deer like such things;) Ruthie, being most willing to try anything, probably had more than her share of the peels...I gave her baking soda, which she actually seemed to appreciate(yecch!!), and some ProBios just for good measure, and I also went ahead and wormed her this morning. She was off feed again last night, but she seems today no worse for wear. Thanks, again. (And don't worry, that was the last banana squash!!;)

-- mary (, September 18, 2001.

Glad to hear she was better. A word of caution about colic that we learned from horses. If the barometer is moving, if the temperature is changing, if it is a full moon, or the animal is stressed in anyway. don't worm. Don't know if my goats are that sensitive but I know all my friends horses are.

-- terrymcmillan (, September 19, 2001.

Thanks for the heads up. It was suggested to me that I go ahead and worm her, since she hadn't been wormed since I bought her a couple months ago. And I decided maybe I should at that. We have had funny weather as well, but she is fine :) I will keep what you said in mind for next time.

-- mary (, September 19, 2001.

Help,I am a first time goat owner of a spring goat. Last night she was wweak and had to be carrrried to small barn. This morninng she is cold and listless but alive. Nno vet in area wwill see her.I live in an area where farm animals are few. i am giving her dropperfulls of water which she takes slowwly.She cannot even pick up her head. It has been rainninng and her hay got wwet due to a leak in shed. I need qqqqquick answers...some herbal stuff handy but limited.

-- Morgen silver (, October 22, 2003.

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