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We went to see our son today, he lives in a large town near a college. He meet us at the door as 'happy as a lark'! He lives in a house with 5 other college boys--in a very busy section of town. He woke this morning to "what he thought was a dream"--he had heard a chicken outside his window. He wasn't dreaming. He found a beautiful fat hen scratching around under his window. They are fixing her a nest box and purchased laying mash! Never thought I would see 6 college age boys so excited about a chicken!!!!He is the only one who knows ANYTHING about farm animals! We laughed all the way home.

-- Debbie T in N.C. (, September 16, 2001


Wonder if that hen wondered over from a older home near by that has had chickens since that area was indeed part of the country. She may have been scoping out a secret area to raise a clutch of chicks. i can't imagine...5 college age guys & a chicken....

-- Buk Buk (, September 16, 2001.

Sounds like a new plot for a t.v. show!

-- r.h. in okla. (, September 16, 2001.

I read a story in country journal a few years ago about 2 gay guys who kept pet silkies and cochins for 5 years in a city apartment in a "bohemian" side of town, then moved to the country. The neigbhors thought they were playing barnyard records and thought they were great tenants. They were writing a howto article about chickens. In fact when I lived in the city I hid my chicken "refugees" for 5 years in the garage.

-- (, September 17, 2001.

I live in town and you are allowed to have up to 9 chickens but no roosters.

-- kathy h (, September 18, 2001.

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