Rabbit weaning

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We are new at rabbits, we have Rex and Californian breeds. We had our first successful litter. When do you separate them from their mother. They are eating grass and pellets but I have not seen them drink. They are 4 weeks old. Thanks

-- Tom (Calfarm@msn.com), September 16, 2001


I do it at about five weeks, If you have some runts I would leave them a little longer.

-- grant (organicgrange@yahoo.com), September 17, 2001.

I leave my kits with the mother until they are 6-8 weeks old. Usually it is 8 weeks. I then wean off the bigger fryers and leave the runts for a couple of extra days, this helps the does milk dry up (yes they will nurse that long if allowed!) Leaving the kits until 8 weeks often will allow you to take them directly from the doe to butchering, as they are usually 4-6 pounds. If you want them to grow a bit bigger place 3-4 in a large cage with plenty of feeder space. Be sure to seperate bucks and does. I have found that 3-4 fryers per cage is the best for growth rate, if the cage has more they just don't grow as well. So be sure not to overcrowd them. I also give my fryers hay along with their pellets the extra fiber helps to prevent diarrhea that weaning age kits can develope. If you are not rebreeding the doe right away you can also leave a doe kit with her. I find they get along and the kit keeps mom moving around so she doesn't gain to much weight before being rebred! Just watch some does prefer being solitary. I have raised both Rex and Californians so I am familiar with both breeds. At this time I have Californians and Havanas. If I can help with other questions please let me know. Denise

-- Denise K. (Rabbitmom2@webbworks.com), September 17, 2001.

8 weeks is what I remember from way back when we had rabbits.

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), September 18, 2001.

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