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On the subject of Y2K preps. I believe that preps are maybe more important today than before. My gut feeling after reading the many stories of the terrorist activities in the country, leads me to believe that there will be more problems in the very near future. Now you have these cells of fanatics pushing up there timetable since the law enforcement agencies are very active in hunting them down. They have only one purpose and that is to complete their 'mission'. Could be a major transmission line, pipeline, refinery, the list is endless. Lets hope that I am wrong.

Take care


-- Martin Thompson (, September 15, 2001


Amen! Those who heeded our warning to keep their Y2K preps up-to-date and replenished may be very glad very shortly. Those of us who are "into" these types of things were not surprised by Tuesdays events. We've known for years that Terrorists would continue to try to hit America and would eventually succeed in a horrific way. We may 'knock the snot" out of Afganistan for a while but the Arab nations will simply unite stronger than ever and eventually retaliate against us in the future.

By the way, hopefully no one believes Russia is our 'friend' and has truly become a Democracy....... These terrorists get many of their supplies from Russia & China.

-- Paul (, September 15, 2001.

Also, don't forget all the Stinger anti-aircraft missiles they got from the USA. Many are still unaccounted for by the CIA.

-- Joe (, September 15, 2001.

And this would be the same CIA, established in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor to prevent such surprises, that singularly failed to have a clue about the multi-year multi-national conspiracy that demolished the WTC?

-- Barb Knox (, September 15, 2001.

I haven't made any additions but still have substantial y2k preps, and am glad.

-- QMan (, September 15, 2001.

Got flashlights? With new batteries?

Alison Smith interviewed an executive whose office was above where the airplane hit in one of the towers. When it dawned on him he should get out (that took a while), he grabbed his flashlight to head for the darkened stairs. He led a group of people down them, at least until they decided to go back up because they'd encountered someone coming up from below saying there was too much smoke.

He wanted to continue going down, but was about to follow the group heading up when he heard someone calling for help. Using the flashlight, he found the person who was pinned under something, freed him, and got back to the stairwell with him. They headed down. Through the smoke. Beyond the smoke. To safety.

He didn't mention y2k in the interview. But what are the odds that he would have had a flashlight in his desk, readily available and working, prior to 1999?

-- Rachel Gibson (, September 15, 2001.

In regards to the fella with the flash light, certainly a y2k prep or a prep from the last time the WTC was bombed. The last time the lights had failed too and the was continous smoke as well. It certainly was prudent! A camelback for water also would be a good choice / with a sport drink mix to give added pep [ aside from the fight/flight adrenalin].

For those of you who need a starting point on prep supplies: visit my website list - the box a day and the big shopping list [I took it down and have it re-posted].

Went to Wallymart to buy some stuff and checked on Lead [Pb] they have a limit of: 1 box a day. Not one box per flavor, but one box total. And Kmart has a Limit of ZERO, meaning you can't buy ANY.

-- (, September 16, 2001.

I'm with you all on this one. I have been keeping some extra supplies on hand for a while. They will be used.

-- Tess (, September 17, 2001.

I have long thought that our modern urban environment is sort of like being in a cave... or at least, can become a cave when Bad Things happen. Just as spelunkers always carry THREE separate sources of light, I ALWAYS have multiple sources on my person and nearby. Have been doing this for years and don't regret it.

As I sit here in my office right now, I have two small flashlights actually on my belt -- a mini-mag light (2 AA bateries) *and* a PAL light (small saquare LED light, one 9v battery) plus I keep a cheap 2- D-cell flashlight in my desk drawer. At my home, *every* room in the house except bathrooms has one or more flashlights and one or more fire extinguishers.

In a heartbeat, as Tuesday's event showed, the world can turn from safe and secure to a nightmare like being thrown into a dark cave, perhaps with smoke...better to be prepared.

-- Andre Weltman (, September 17, 2001.

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