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Have recently served a Sarn on National Home Loans - they are asking for proof of identity - ie driving licence, birth certificate etc. Is this correct? NHL saying they can't proceed without this info.

-- DEB (, September 15, 2001



The Data Protection Act 1998 includes the following:

"(2) A data controller is not obliged to supply any information under subsection (1) unless he has received- (a) a request in writing, and (b) except in prescribed cases, such fee (not exceeding the prescribed maximum) as he may require. [ES's note - this is ten quid.]

(3) A data controller is not obliged to comply with a request under this section unless he is supplied with such information as he may reasonably require in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the person making the request and to locate the information which that person seeks."

So it seems that yes, the data controller may 'reasonably require' you to demonstrate your identity. Are NHL asking you to send a copy of a piece of ID? Are they planning to return this data to you once they have seen it, without copying it themselves? (I don't know about you but I wouldn't want a copy of my birth certificate or bank card floating around someone's office somewhere. And I certainly wouldn't want a lender seeing anything which revealed bank, financial, employment or personal details. None of their business until they prove the claim.)

One other thing: I would guess that NHL are not going to regard your SARN as 'served' until they have satisfied themselves as to your identity. Then they have 40 days to respond. So be aware that the longer you linger over this, the longer you will probably have to wait for your SARN response. If it were me I'd send them a xerox of one of the more innocuous pieces of identification which most people tend to possess, and which are generally accepted at places like post ofices and video stores, such as a copy of a recent utility bill or council rent book cover. Possibly a driving licence if you have one, if you don't feel that's too intrusive on the part of NHL.

-- E Scott (, September 15, 2001.

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