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Is it all right to use wood chips that are not terrifically aged in the chicken coop? There's a chance I can get loads and loads of fresh chips and I just wanted to know how aged they need to be for the girls.

Thanks! John 11:35

-- Dreen (, September 14, 2001



I have been told it is okay to use wood chips with chickens as long as they are not OAK wood chips. There is tannin in oak wood and that's suppose to be poisonious to chickens. I don't think "aging" is a issue. I have used saw-dust which is okay, straw which is okay, too, but now I'm using shredded paper which I prefer. I just have all my friends with paper shredders saving it for me. When I remove it from the chicken house, I'll use it in the garden. Breaks down faster than wood chips, saw dust or straw.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (aka Dianne in Mass) (, September 14, 2001.

Thanks Diane. Nutz. It's mostly oak chips with cedar and some other stuff. Bother.

Wishing enough to you as well.

BTW, that is one of the nicest sentiments I have heard! Thank you.

-- Dreen (, September 14, 2001.

Thank you, Dreen,

I wish I could say it was original, but alas, it isn't. But, I liked it so much I've been using it as my mantra for everything. Makes me remember all the good things I already have.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (aka Dianne in Mass) (, September 14, 2001.

Dreen, Have ya got anything around the farm that needs a more acidic soil? Like blueberries, juniper, azealas or rhodedenrons(sp)? The oak chips will acidify the soil as they break down (and look nice too). You might be able to use them for that.

-- StevenB (, September 15, 2001.

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