Kodak Monitor 620 user reactions sought

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Recently I acquired two Kodak Monitor 620 cameras equipped with 101mm Kodak Anastigmat Special lenses. This seems to be a very well built camera. I would be most appreciative to those of you who would care to share your opinions regarding the capability of this lens to produce sharp and contrasty prints. If you have used the following cameras, how would you compare this Kodak lens to those found on some other 6X9 cameras, such as the Super Ikonta with Tessar, Bessa with Color-Skopar, or the Ensign 820 with Ross Xpres?Any other comments about this camera that you'd care to offer I would also very much look forward to reading. Thanks very much!

-- Daryl Jorud (djorud@prtel.com), September 13, 2001


Hi, Daryl, I've just bought a Monitor and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. It has the lens you describe, and of course I'll share information with you as I gather it. I don't own any of the other cameras you've mentioned, but I do have a Dacora Subita with Anastigmat lens and it's sharp as a tack, as well as my Kodak 35 with RF. But I own box cameras that will give a nice sharp picture, too - go figure.

You'll be hearing from me again - meantime, have fun.

-- Pete Lutz (lutzp328@juno.com), September 15, 2001.

I just bought a 1941 Kodak Monitor 620 in almost excellent shape. There were lots of pinholes in the bellows. I spent quite a bit of time patching said bellows. I am shooting a roll of black & white film to try it out. I have the instruction book for the 1948 model with the Anaston lens and Kodamatic shutter in case anyone wants a copy. The model I bought has the Anastigmat Special lens and the non-synch Supermatic shutter. I have been looking for years for the camera. My theory is that the Kodak Vigilant was less money and just about the same camera. The last list price was $66. I remember earning 90 a hour right abo

-- Dan W. Coakley (www.tom6co@aol.com), January 18, 2002.

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