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I thought I'd add this thread for those who need to get things off their chest after leaving Countryside. I know that there have been several people who left with hurt feelings. I just thought it would be nice to try and keep those feelings to one thread, so that people don't feel overwhelmed.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, September 12, 2001


Hello Little Bit Farm, It sounds to me like you want to be thie first one to "get things of their chest". What happened? Sincerely, Ernest

-- (, September 12, 2001.

Actually, I left Countryside awhile back. I have pretty much settled the issue in my mind. I know that at the time the whole situation was difficult for me. I really needed a place to gripe. I went to another forum that was started. There were so many Countryside gripe posts that the forum maintainer finally asked everyone to quit talking about it. I understand that there may be some who come here who have been hurt by things over there, so I thought I'd start out by giving a place for getting things off their chest. At one time Countryside was really something special. We had such a wonderful communication going on there. A few months ago that all fell apart with every Christian or political post pronounced deletable. It just goes to show that the squeaky wheel always gets the grease. There were many of us that loved the forum, but Countryside never asked the whole of us what we wanted. They instead chose to weigh their opinions on the whiners. Of course all of that is over now, except there are still people struggling with the whole thing. This latest thing where a post was deleted because someone wanted prayer for their mother, just is really sad.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little bit farm (, September 12, 2001.

Yes, I'm sick of everyone giving in to the "tolerant" ones. I am a patient man, but deleting a post requesting prayer for a sick mother finally turned on the light. If prayer isn't welcome, then I must not be welcome either. Playing lip service about everyone is welcome as long as one sticks to the topic of homesteading is just a lame attempt to appear tolerant...

Countryside made the decision to discriminate. They can call us whiners, babies, or whatever because we chose to leave. But the fact of the matter is they chose who will stay. I am not going to attack them or call them names as they did us; I don't have the need to justify myself by belittling others; I hope countryside can continue to be of help to those starting out in the homesteading business. But, truthfully, if my prayers aren't welcome...then I really haven't anything but homesteading experience to offer and in this world, that isn't much. I suppose it is impossible for a 'non-believer' to understand the importance and faith believers have in prayer. Because of this, they are offended and see believers as weak, stupid, pushy, superstitious, or uneducated. Someday I PRAY, we can all be as tolerant and patient as we perceive ourselves as being---enough to accept others for what they are...enough to accept the best people think they have to offer (in my case, prayer). I speak here of both believers and non-believers.

That said, I hope this forum will never gang up on or otherwise "omit" people for trying to one likes rejection. God Bless.

Did you know I cringe whenever someone says "good luck" or "take care?" I don't believe in luck and Jesus has taken all my cares, I don't want "take" care. But, I don't jump on folks for saying that, because I know they are offering something of themselves, whether it is offensive to me or not I accept it in the spirit it is given.

Goodness, for a quiet fellow, I sure did ramble!!!

-- JimR (, September 13, 2001.

Hi LBF! Good site. Don't rekon I'll be goin back to cs forum anytime soon. Appears that Christians are not welcomed over there unless we forget about Jesus Christ and not mention Him. That I just cannot and willnot do! He saved my soul from the fires of hell and I WILL proclaim Him to the whole world. It is interesting that threads promoting pagans, athiests and EVERY other kind of faith besides Christianity is allowed to post on there.

A little dose of Christianity from the old hootster. Prepare for the Rapture of His church. The coming of Jesus Christ is at hand!

Thanks Lil Bit for the opportunity to post on another fine site.

old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- old hoot gibson (, September 13, 2001.

One things you guys need to understand is when a lot of people hear about Jesus (and God to a certain extent) they don't like it. You can talk about most other religions and get along fine, but stay away from Christian subjects. I'm a Christian (not the best one going, but I try anyway...) and believe in free speech. Problem is nowadays Christian matter isn't free speech anymore, but you can talk about trash (porn, ect...) all day long at most places and its fine. Otherwise you better watch out for the ACLU or a lot of other places like that.

There are a lot more Christians in the country and around the world then most people think there are, but for some reason they don't get very vocal over Jesus under constant attack.

You Christians out there know the drill though, after two thousand years not so much has changed. We'll be hated, we'll be mocked, we'll be a lot of things. The funny thing is, I really don't care in the least. I KNOW what I am. I KNOW who HE is. Thats all that really matters to me.

-- Uriah (, September 13, 2001.

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