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How do you remove fog from a film?

-- vanicia williams (, September 12, 2001


I don't think you can. Maybe you can try a harder paper grade to get a better contrast.

Removing a frog from a piece of film is easier, just lift it of and rinse the film for a couple of minutes. If the frog is poisonous, use gloves. *qoack* :))

-- Patric (, September 12, 2001.

Sorry, I felt silly. :)

-- Patric (, September 12, 2001.

All film has a certain level of chemical fog resulting from processing. If you see a nonuniform fog occasionally, it may be due to exhausted fixer. Fix the film again in fresh fixer, and the fog will disappear.

-- Keith Nichols (, September 12, 2001.

Bleaching and redeveloping your film might help. If you want to try, I can provide some formulas for you.

-- George Papantoniou (, September 14, 2001.

Vanicia, If your film is light struck or fogged by flare, there is nothing you can do. An overall fog due to age or chemicals is not hard to print through though you might lose a bit of contrast in the shadows or need a higher paper grade (I'm assuming B&W here). Perhaps a better description of your problem would elicit more precise responses. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, September 14, 2001.

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