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I have just recieved my first delivery of DiXactol. I intend to do some experimenting, but I'd be grateful if those who have used it have any comments and tips they'd like to share. I have seen some references to this developer on this site from time to time, but I don't recall and extensive discussions or threads. Has anyone, for example, compared it to PMK? Does it deliver for you what it promises? I intend to use the now recommended one shot method. The main films I will use it on will be Delta 400 (old & new versions, Delta 100 and FP4+ (all 35mm). Many thanks in advance!

-- Frank Alvaro (fa@alvaroedwards.com.au), September 12, 2001


Hi Frank

DiXactol 1 shot is my developer of choice, for Delta 400, FP4/5+, tmax100, etc. I always use it mono bath, and prefer it to PMK for printing on VC. It behaves very much as described, and gives me the kind of negative I like, but that's a very personal judgement.In other words it works for me.

Two things of note. Use new spirals and keep them just for DiXactol. Use distilled water for making up the solutions.

Not the most economic way of using it, 1 part A to 7 B, but additional B solution is available from the maker. Also, check his website for far more info


Let us know how you get on


John henry

-- John Henry (johnh@piperschool.com), September 12, 2001.

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