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My new MV AGUSTA arrived 7th sept and after gazing at it for about 2 hours i pulled it out of the garage and the first thing i did was trap my thumb on the air tube. Has anyone tried the Fast by Ferraci bar risers which alter the bars by 8% or the carbon air tube covers with the recess and what are they like? Next minor gripe was the flip up sidestand which i sorted in 2 minutes by fitting the later bracket off a Ducati that connects the spring to the stand.This bracket is curved and has a cutout that goes around the nut on the stand and stops it flicking back up and only costs about 1.00. After using CASOLI in the uk for all my Ducati bits i decided to order some opened up original exhausts which are anodised any colour you want and are very highly polished.They duly arrived next day,took 20 minutes to fit and sound absolutley awesome.Bargain at 320.00 exchange. I just love this bike and look forward to buying many other bits.

-- ian greener (, September 11, 2001


I have the FBF Clip Ons. They do not alter the angle of the clip ons greatly. I would say their main purpose is to free your thumb from being trapped. I cannot tell any handling differences. I still feel fatigue on my shoulders, wrists and hands so Tamburini shouldn't worry about any deviation from his intended purpose.

-- mod (, September 12, 2001.

I ordered quite a few things from Casoli, took a while to get it but good stuff, front fender with vents is a perfect fit, heel guards and tank protector are perfect. The key insert is the best pc yet, great fit and looks very trick.

I also received the ram air covers and they look nice but have not put them on yet. You need to cut out a large "V" section and the ram air covers stick on. I am too paraniod to cut the stock pcs to put them on although they came with stencils which is a pretty cool idea.

-- Adam Tromp (, September 11, 2001.

Ive fitted the fbf risers AND recessed airtube there is no chance of trapped thumbs! You can fit the covers yourself - it means cutting into the airtubes, so be careful! If you're nervous about doing it yourself, powerhouse ( offer an exchange service.

-- andy mac (, September 23, 2001.

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