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Can anyone give me any info on this Association - ie how they have helped, etc and are they independent of any lenders?

-- (, September 11, 2001


As far as I am aware they are totally independant. They were VERY helpful when all of this began and have been since. I am aware of ohers who have contacted them and have had help.

Give them a ring - what have you got to lose?

-- Matt (, September 11, 2001.

Echoing Matty's remarks. Carol Riley is ok, knows what she is doing, and talks straight. If she can help you, she will, if she can't she'll say so. One word of advice would be not to waste her time, so before making a call, get all your documentation together.

They help by advising you of your rights and pointing you at useful resources and tactics - much like we do. They'll also want you to do most of the work - much like we would.

-- (, September 11, 2001.

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