rave/techno clubs in raligh/durham?

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Hey If anyone knows of any raves or good techno type clubs around raligh/durham, please let me know...im from buffalo, NY and there are a lot less parties down here, and i miss them, so if anyone has any info, id appreciate it! thanx

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2001


Hey... I just moved here like a month ago from Wisconsin.. I miss the scene too... I haven't had any luck finding anything down here, I haven't given up tho.. But I live in Burlington, NC.. that's like a half hour from raleigh/durham... I think my cousin knows where this one techno club is at in durham.. I'll hafta talk ta her and get back ta you but yeah.. so far this place really bytes.. talk to ya later buhbye

-- Anonymous, October 04, 2001

Hey. I represent a group of DJs who are trying to start up a local scene. We have been to some big parties in Atlanta and we're really sad that we don't have that kind of thing here, and we want to try to encourage it in this area. Anyway, we have been working really hard for a really long time, and we have an event coming your way very soon. It's at the Basement in Durham, the text flier follows:

The Ashtray Cult Production Group Presents Awakenings Halloween Costume Ball Sat. November 3rd, The Basement, Durham, NC

The Ashtray Cult are veterans of the rave scene and have been involved with some of the biggest and best events in the south. Join us as we celebrate our long awaited monthly night with a Halloween bash you won’t want to miss.

Featuring the Ashtray Cult Elite…

Rain is the definition of unpredictable. His tech trance and breakbeat sets have electrified audiences and dance floors all over the south. Be sure to get there early so as not to miss his funky style and a ton of dance floor surprises. John K, the master of seamless mixing and relentless beats is quickly becoming a NC favorite. Prepare yourself for deep mixing, growling bass lines and perfectly places beats as his progressive house tracks light up the night. Heed is here to live up to his nickname, “the Sasha of the Ashtray Cult.” His progressive trance sets are the perfect way to close the night as he floats through deep mixes and awe-inspiring trance with seemingly no effort.

Doors Open At 9:30 P.M. Party Ends At 4:00 A.M.

$8 At The Door $6 With A Valid College Id

18 To Enter, 21 To Drink

Costume Contest Rules

Two standout finalists will be selected. Votes will be cast and a winner chosen. First place will win $50, and the runner up will win $25. DON’T FORGET YOUR COSTUME! Directions

From the North (Richmond, Wash. DC): Take I95 south to I85 south. Follow I85 south to Durham and get off on the Guess Rd. exit and turn left onto Guess Rd. At the 1st stoplight take a right onto Broad St. Go through one stoplight. The Basement is on your left, underneath Bully’s.

From the East (Wilmington, Raleigh): Take I40 west to 147 north (Durham Freeway). Follow 147 north to the Swift Ave. exit and make a right off exit. Go through 3 stoplights (Swift Ave. will turn into Broad St.) and The Basement is on your right, underneath Bully’s.

From the South (Atlanta, Charlotte): Take I85 north into Durham and exit onto Guess Rd. Take a right off the exit and go to the first stoplight. Take a right onto Broad St. and go through one stoplight. The Basement is on your left, underneath Bully’s.

From the West (Nashville, Asheville): Take I40 east to I85 north. Follow I 85 north and get off on the Guess Rd. exit and turn right. At the 1st stoplight take a right onto Broad St. Go through one stoplight. The Basement is on your left, underneath Bully’s.

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2001

What about a Raeigh/Durham New Year's Rave?? Or somewhere within 200 miles or so.

-- Anonymous, October 19, 2001

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-- Anonymous, January 01, 2002

no i dont ok so get a life and make something of your self!! ha ha im kidding but sorry no im only 15 so what would i know right?!

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

hey ,i have been in buffalo for a while and am desperate to get to a rave,any one can help me?

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2005

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