Take A Look (Update on Shipping Poultry)

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Several hatcheries have joined forces in an attempt to turn around the shipping crises:


-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), September 07, 2001


I think this is a great organization, and I fully support what they are trying to accomplish. I have sent my letters in regards to this shipping problem. My problem i that I would really like to join the Birdshipper's Organization, but I don't have $50 to spare! I understand they need funding, but don't you think that's a bit much?

-- Cheryl in KS (cherylmccoy@rocketmail.com), September 07, 2001.

It might be a bit much for individuals, but maybe not for feed stores and other small companies that deal in poultry? Maybe they should consider a lower individual membership.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), September 07, 2001.

Maybe if it was brought to their attention that there are MANY homesteaders out there (and even some city dwellers who would just like to "help the cause") that would like to become members if only their fees for membership were a bit lower. If you have several 100 homesteaders willing/able to pay say a $25.00 membership fee rather than 0 homesteaders willing/able to pay a $50.00 membership fee, it might be something for them to consider. Any way to write a letter to them suggesting such an idea? Might be worth a try.

-- Greenthumbelina (sck8107@aol.com), September 07, 2001.

I'm sure Birdshippers would welcome your suggestions. Drop them an e-mail.

-- ~Rogo (rogo2020@yahoo.com), September 08, 2001.

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