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Where can I find information on F. D. Roosevelt's funeral trip from Warm Springs, GA to Wsahington, D.C.? --including maps of the route.

Thank you.

-- Don Shee (, September 06, 2001


Don, there is a good book called The President Travels By Train which has a chapter on FDR & covers his funeral train. The train had left FDR in Warm Springs &returned at Atlanta for servicing. After he died the train was pulled to Warm Springs behind 1262 & 1337, both Pacific type steamers. It left Atlanta & traveled to Williamson, Ga & thence to Warm Springs, all on SR tracks. On April 13th it left Warm Springs & retraced its route to Atlanta. At Atlanta 2 heavy Pacifics, 1409 & 1393 replaced the 2 light Pacifics. The route from Atlanta was the Southern's through Gainesville, Ga, Clemson, SC, to Greenville where engines & crews were changed. On through Spartanburg to Charlotte, NC & to Salisbury, NC where engines & crews were changed. Then on from Salisbury to Monroe, Va where engines & crew were changed again. Then on to Washington.It arrived there about 10 am on April 14. I might have further information if you are interested. Conrad Cheatham

-- Conrad Cheatham (, December 27, 2001.

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