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Hello Bill, We met many moons ago via the Xanax25 crew. I have a friend who I grew up with who is THE piano man, grandmaster of improv, named Mark Thors. He is a graduate of Berkeley MS and is currently rotting with the Dude of Life (band). The one good thing that has come out of it is that he has had the chance to jam with Phish on numerous occasions. Knowing your music, I guarantee you will be very impressed by this young guy and will find some good use for him, he really deserves more than he currently has, and I attribute his humbleness to this state of affairs. I ask that you offer him an invitation to your studio and put him behind a piano for 5 minutes. enuf said. -ari

-- ari mello (, September 05, 2001



-- tobiasz jędrak (, April 26, 2003.

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