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I am being pursued for a mortgage shortfall, and the local solicitors I using where toothless. I then came across an article in the Sunday Times (24/9/00) regarding mortgage shortfalls and MIG - It refers to Concept Management who negotiated a shortfall claim and was very successful. I made contact with CM who agreed to act for me on my case for a flat fee of 750.00 payable 250 at the outset, 250 the following month and 250 at settlement. For the first month letters exhanged quite smoothly and an offer was made, I then received direct to me copy of a court claim, I then contacted CM to advise them of this who have now burried there heads in the sand, never return my calls and never respond to my faxes. submitted a defence after receiving advise from National Association of Mortgage Victims and have written to CM telling them they have not performed their duties and expect a full refund - I have not yet heard from them (gave them 7 days - now 11 days ago) Has any one else heard of Concept Management or been ripped off by them?

-- DRL (, September 05, 2001


Yes and yes. Peter Walker is the ex-director of the now defunct Union Finance, lately of Southend, which [allegedly] peddled the same repo scams Walker is recycling under the new name of Concept Management. UF - a "debt counselling" company (ha!) took six hundred squid off me for bogus advice, caused me no end of problems legally and then went belly up, owing thousands to all and sundry after they were exposed in the press. Walker lay low for a while then resurfaced with Concept. UF made as many victims as the Lenders and in my opinion, Walker and his cronies should be stopped. You will never see a penny of your money by way of refund and he will not be able to help you with your shortfall. He has nothing that this site can't tell you along with NAMV but the difference is they don't charge you!!

-- Too scared to say (, September 05, 2001.

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