Where is everyone?????

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Did everyone go on holidays at the same time? Typing fingers broken? Homesteading getting too much?

Keep checking the site every evening but hardly any new topics, etc.

Sojo - where have you been hiding?

I really look forward to the interesting comments and dialogue but it seems to be sadly lacking lately.

Hope everyone gets back from holidays real soon. It is getting lonesome here at the puter. :)

-- Kari (wildcatt@telusplanet.net), September 04, 2001


My son is back, school has started, I work an hour away, he is on the baseball team so I have to pick him up after school, that's an hour to the school from work and then another half an hour home, I had to work on the holiday, all three vehicles broke down simultaneously last week, I've been designing a database this past week and hating every second of it (if I wanted to do database design, I'd still be a member of the yuppie rat packs making a WHOLE lot more money than I do as a transcriptionist), my guinea pig died, I haven't made any progress on the house, and I'm late for work.

There. Do I get an award for the longest sustained whine? LOL!

It's not bad, I'm just busy. How 'bout the rest of y'all? What's YOUR excuse? LOL!

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), September 04, 2001.

Busy with the garden!!! Trying to save tomatoes from agressive chipmunks. Harvesting yellow squash and zuchinni like mad (you wouldn't believe what three bushes (total) can produce). Have about 20 basil bushes to deal with. This is scamble time in MN, 'cause the frost comes soon plus there's scads of stuff to do around the house before winter. Glad work is slow at the moment. But I have another discussion question and I'll post.

-- Cathy in MN (logholm@rangenet.com), September 04, 2001.

Same here; just busy with garden, chickens, etc. FIL died and left us his camp in Vermont, so we've been going up there (3 hr. trip) every chance we get to take care of it before winter. Love it up there. Peace and quiet; can't see neighbors, white birch trees and cows grazing - heaven!

Tomatoes are coming in fast and furious so just trying to keep up.

Wishing you enough.

-- Trevilians (aka Dianne in Mass) (Trevilians@mediaone.net), September 04, 2001.

I guess I'm more of a responder than a poster. Without posts it's kind of tough to respond. ;o)

I don't know what topics I would post that would be of enough general interest to warrant any replies. Neither my background nor my current situation are homesteading. I'm here because I've just acquired some rural land and am looking for ideas and information myself. My background is more business, law, real estate and finance. I try to answer any posts where I feel I might have some degree of knowledge that could help someone else.

Well, Kari... That's my story. If you can think of any topic on which you'd like me to post, let me know. ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (gk6854@aol.com), September 04, 2001.


post more financial stuff. It fascinates me. Sorry can't be more specific..maybe I'll think of a more directed question later.

-- Cathy in MN (logholm@rangenet.com), September 04, 2001.

Bought three, 6 moth old female Ramboullet lambs Monday a week ago. Saturday, bought a 275 lb Ramboullet ram. Early Sunday morning got over an inch of rain which filled up the waterhole that was dug this Summer. So I bought some minnows to slow down the skeeters. Cleaned up the chainsaw and put the blade back on. Got about a tenth of the Winters wood cut. What's going on in your life?

-- paul (primrose@centex.net), September 12, 2001.

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