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I just shot my very first roll of 120(T MAX) film in a Brownie Hawkeye. I paid 10 bucks for the thing and when I got home I took it apart and cleaned the lens and it's glass cover. I then cleaned both view finder glass and the mirror. After I cleaned the body and metal the camera looks almost new! The shutter works fine and I love the "B" feature! Don't forget that cool plastic strap!! Has anyone used T MAX 100 film in this camera? Is this a good film to use? I will be proccessing the film myself using D76. I would like to try Agfa Pan APX 100 simply because it's half the price of Kodak. How about 400 speed film? Anybody use that in there Hawkeyes? All help is appreciated. Tracy F. Clark

-- Tracy F. Clark (ei208@freenet.carleton.ca), September 03, 2001


Congratulation on your "New" Hawkeye


I don't know where you got your film but 10 bucks is pretty steep. I'm paying $6 a roll for Kodak and Fuji 120. Try shopping around. As for the film speed, I use 400 almost exclusively. The old saw about "graininess" just doesn't hold water anymore with the finer emulsions. You'll especially like the results if you start using that "B" setting. 100 film is just too unforgiving to use when there's better products available. Have fun.


-- John Reichenbach (jreich_33324@yahoo.com), September 08, 2001.

Hi, Tracy, Congratulations! A Brownie Hawkeye was my first foray into medium format photography, too! I have used TMAX 100 and 400, Ilford Pan F 50, Ilford 100, 125 and 400, and Kodak T400CN. I have gotten both good and bad results from all of these, depending on my own stupidity and the conditions. John's right, however, when he says that 400 speed film is very versatile. If you're going to venture into color photography, I highly recommend Fuji Superia 100, because your colors will be very bright, and even though it says "100 speed", I've used it in low light conditions with great success, with and without the "B" setting. Good luck and have fun!

-- Peter Lutz (mariner8378@hotmail.com), September 08, 2001.

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