Worrying Will Kill You

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Do you worry too much... or are you totally carefree?

-- Jen (Jen@echoside.net), September 03, 2001


i'm carefree when i'm delusional. and as for worry killing you, what does it matter? we all die eventually anyway. people who don't worry about ANYTHING, including their personal safety, are apt to die sooner than those who spend all their time worrying. unless they worry about something like choking. but none of it really matters... we're all screwed from the start. life is a toxin. if it weren't for being alive, we wouldn't die. life, ultimately, is what kills you. and now i'm off to quit my job :P

-- emily (emilymarguerite@yahoo.com), September 04, 2001.

Yes, "Worrying will kill you" is an exaggeration. And you do need to be aware of what may or may not hurt YOU, BUT what I was getting at was worrying about every tiny little thing is probably not mentally healthy.

-- Jen (Jen@echoside.net), September 04, 2001.


-- -- Karrisa (xxx@msn.com) (Karrisa (xxx@msn.com)), July 21, 2003.

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