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A couple of years ago I picked up a Walthers 3-pack od SCL 50' Waffle Box cars. Two of them were brown and I think in the 2xx,xxx number range. The third car in this set was blue and in the 6xx,xxx number range. Doug Nuckles book has one pictured in it and it appears to be brown, or black, and is #800000. The picture in the book however is not color so I maybe wrong on the color and the 8 in the 800000 didnt reproduce as well as it could so it might be a 6.

So why all the different # ranges and colors?

-- Tom Byrne (, September 02, 2001


SCL had two types of 50' waffle-side boxcars, non-cushioned cars in the 21000-24000 series that were boxcar red with white lettering and cushioned cars in the 80000 series that were black with yellow lettering. Both schemes followed pre-merger ACL practice. As for a "blue" car, there was no such animal unless it could be Walthers' attempt at duplicating one of these cars as repainted for CSX in the CSX very dark blue body with yellow lettering. The CSX numbers were various blocks in the 120000, 130000, and 500000 series I believe.

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 04, 2001.

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