High altitude baking

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Last year I moved from almost sea level to 3000 feet. My bread is OK, but should I be doing anything different to compensate for the altitude? Thanks for any help.

-- Bonnie (stichart@plix.com), September 01, 2001


Here are a few sites I found via a GOOGLE search:

 High Altitude Baking Adjustments
 All Recipes | Encyclopedia  |  high-altitude cooking and baking
 www.homebaking.org : Ask the Expert - About High-Altitude Baking
 Hig h Altitude Yeast Baking

Hope that helps!

-- Sojourner (notime4@summer.spam), September 02, 2001.

Thanks! I went to the Home Baking Assn. & got the info I needed.

God bless!

-- Bonnie (stichart@plix.com), September 02, 2001.

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