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You knew it was coming :)

I think we should disallow the 3-4 leeching. Although this leeching does give a negative loss of lives(190 gems, 200 gems / extra life), it can take 20 lives before you finally lose one. If you start at eight lives, that winds up to be 4.5 million points, actually. This leads to a VERY boring replay. I think you should be allowed to do it once, then time to move on.

Perhaps we can give 100,000 points / life remaining at the end of the game as a scoring change? I'm interested in your opinions. GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, September 01, 2001


I must add that it's also very boring to play ;) 100,000 pts/life seems fair to me, but that could mean lots of them in the jap version.

-- Blost (, September 01, 2001.

I think MKL said it best about score adjusting for generic leeching in games. It's not the lives you have at the end of the game, but the lameness if you lose lives during leeching. After all, you can still have tons of lives left if you leech long enough and loose a few while doing it; Someone who knows how to get "difficult" points might get the same score and have the same number of lives left as someone who leeches. But the person who leeches usually looses more lives than someone who gets difficult points with out loosing lives.

this idea was applied to the ghouls and ghost recordings, not sure if it applies to every game...

-- Chad (, September 01, 2001.

Agreed... As for your proposal to add 100k per life, the only problem there is that if you have more than 5 you don't always know exactly how many you have, unless you run out of time on a board and it says "Extend your time? ... Left xx".

-- Donut (, September 02, 2001.

It shows it briefly on the opening of a new life. When I say briefly, I mean briefly. Like 1/4 of a second. GB9

-- Gameboy9 (, September 02, 2001.

My opinion is to disallow this leeching. 100000 pts/life doesn't represent anything in that game : you earn about 32000 points for one "leeched" board, so that 640000 pts are earned for one life. So, eventually, we should give 640000 pts but not 100000 ... anyway, I think we should give nothing and simply disallow the leeching.

-- Lagavulin (, September 07, 2001.

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