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Hey? Well, I study @ ECU. i currently moved up here to North Carolina cause Texas sucks. I was pretty much involved in the rave scene in Austin. I know the rave scene from Austin KICKS ASS.i'm not expecting the rave scene from north carolina to be the same, but i like the people who hang arround them.It's a cossy enviroment to be arround in. Does anybody know any rave parties close to greenville? Or any major rave arround this time? I'm not exactly what you call a "raver"' I'm an international student from El Slavador. I just happen to fall in love with this shit. I'de really appreciate your help.


-- Anonymous, August 31, 2001


Well,for one,ur right,it aint like it is in texas..I heard they sucked down there,no offense,The ones here are about the same as they are everywhere else that they are popular..The scene is growing more and more Charlotte there is Mythos..throws kick ass parties..and there is also some phat shit where you are,dont remember the name of the club though.sorry

-- Anonymous, February 02, 2004

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