why do we need public art?

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I'd like to know your thought about-public art-. why do you think it needs? why does it show? please help me..

-- silver park (pikaperry77@hotmail.com), August 31, 2001


art for itself is not only for the people who are experts but also for all the people on the earth.when it was first created ,it appeared in the porcelain.it was just for the normal people's everyday life more colorful and showed their seeking after beautiful things,and at this point ,for me art should contribute to the public. art also help us express many feelings beyond our words.it was born for all the people.and moreover,art exits nearlyeveryday,everywhere, if you can recognize it.when an assitance give you a discription of today's menu, you may relate it to a sounding song. we need public art and we should strive to improve our people'view on art.

-- Heather Elena Thatcher (yueliangboy@sina.com), February 15, 2004.

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