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Bounced IRS refund may be auctioned off

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) Johnathon Hudson's $300 tax refund check was in the mail, but the construction worker still couldn't bank on the money because the check bounced.

Hudson said he spoke with several IRS officials over the course of several days after learning of the bad check last week, but they and the bank were stumped, at first.

The IRS and bank eventually discovered that a computer problem caused the check to bounce and Hudson got his much-awaited refund Wednesday. But he hasn't cashed it just yet. He said he may try to sell the bounced check because it's such a rare item.

"It's worth more than $300 to me, all the malarkey I had to go through," said Hudson, 22. He said a successful auction "would make up for my time and hassle I put up with."

It could fetch a couple of hundred dollars as a collectible, said Bruce J. Gumer, a dealer in rare currency, coins and jewelry.

"I'm sure somebody out there would buy it," Gumer said. "But he can cash it for face value that's what I'd advise him to do.",1249,295021283,00.html?

-- Martin Thompson (, August 30, 2001

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