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An elderly lady came into the store where I work, carrying a 5 lb. can of wheat. It is Neo-Life "NEST" storage pack, Nitro-Guard Protected. She purchased it in the early 1980's, and has 28 cans she wants to unload. When I asked the type of wheat, she had no idea. I asked her how much she hoped to get for it, and she mentioned that we charge 49 cents lb, so she figures she's looking for the same. I explained that we charge 49 cents lb for last years organic wheat. Obviously, the store is not interested. Would you ever consider buying this? I thought I might take a couple cans, but I dunno.....certainly not for the price she wants, maybe 8-10 cents a lb. What do you think? I felt sorry for her.....

-- Cathy in NY (, August 30, 2001


Cathy, the wheat is still very much a viable product. It is more than likely winter red wheat. If it has been nitro packed, it can even be sprouted. The wheat is worth to you probably about 25 cents a lb. My mother had wheat that was over 25 years old that was very viable and sproutable back in the 60's.

-- evelyn (, August 30, 2001.

Kept in proper storage, wheat grain will keep forever. They have uncovered edible and viable wheat from Egyptian tombs.

-- Skip in Western WA (, August 31, 2001.

Evelyn, I guess that since I work in a healthfood store and can get organic for around 25 cents a lb, there's no way I'd want to pay the same price for non. I was pretty sure it would still be good, and I really like the way it's packed. I'll call her and explain all this, maybe I'll still take a few cans. Thanks!

-- Cathy in NY (, August 31, 2001.

Cathy, that 25 cents a pound must be wholesale. I pay 49cents a pound for organic, hard or soft wheat at my co-op. I'd be leary of buying many cans from her but since it is pkgd. so nice, it might be handy to have on hand. I have a large can from some Mormons that I have for emergencies. I would only use it for emergencies though and if there were some sort of national emergency, I'd probably save some of it to plant if it was still sproutable.

-- Barb (, August 31, 2001.

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