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Hi there !...

Hi My Name is Surinder . My problem is that I am Not Able 2 Write a VCD. I am Using Nti Cd-Maker 2000. I have just recently copied a Dat file from A Vcd... The property of Dat files tells me that the Vcd Property is 803 Mb.. but i am kind of thinking as 2 how did this guy Write an 803 Mb file in an 650 Mb Cd...

I cant beleive it .. but i have seen qutie a few Vcd been Written ..

Can u tell me how can i write an 803 Mb Vcd File in an 650 - 700 Mb Cd - R ?

I just wanted 2 know is there any special software which does so ...

-- Surinder (, August 30, 2001


The CD-R capacity of 650 MB is a bit misleading when it comes to VCD. Both audio CD and ISO data CDs have quite a bit of error correction done, which makes the capacity of a 74 min. CD-R be 650 MB. VCD is a format that does not make use of this sophisticated error correction, so it frees up more of the CD-R to be used to store video data. You might need a 80 min. CD-R to fit a 803 MB video file onto it, but it's definitely possible to do with any normal software that can burn VCD. To summarize, actual capacity of a 74 min. CD-R for VCD format is > 650 MB due to the special format VCD uses.

-- Jason (, August 30, 2001.

VCD authoring software removes ECC check bytes from the MPEG file before it burn on VCD disc as .DAT file.

This way, a 650MB CD-R can contain nearly 74min of video which is almost 740MB MPEG file. A 700MB can contain upto 800MB MPEG file when burned as VCD.

Some VCD authoring software I know are: Nero, Adaptec EZ CD Creator.

-- ktnwin (, September 06, 2001.

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