How do I open #2 autographic folding brownie? : LUSENET : Brownie Cameras : One Thread

Can't seem yo figure out how to open or load film? please help...

-- Robert T (, August 30, 2001


On the front of the camera (where it opens up to reveal the bellows) underneath the rectangle part/door there should be a silver plate with some groves on it. Slide it side ways with your finger. The rectangle part holding lens and folded bellows should slide or pop out. Gently remove rectangle part with fingers on two sides of rectangle. Inside you will find the empty spool(if its got one) to load the film. Place film in camera. Slide rectangle part back into body in reverse order of opening. The last thing is to slide latch back into place to lock. That should be it.

-- Damien (, September 08, 2001.

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