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Has anyone in the society ever heard of the Tombigbee RR.If so where was it and who absorbed it

-- Alan Ashworth (, August 29, 2001


The Frisco gained control over the AT&N in 1948; the AT&N had gone bankrupt in 1934. The legal shell of the AT&N may not have gone away until 1971.

-- Chuck Till (, August 31, 2001.

Tombigbee Valley RR 1904-1913, Souwilpa, Ala., to the Tombigbee River at Nannahubba, Ala., 72 miles. Became part of the Alabama Tennessee & Northern RR which, in 1971, went into the FRISCO(SL-SF). Thus the TV was part of the line of the AT&N from Mobile to Reform, Ala.

-- Tom Underwood (, August 30, 2001.

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