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I need to know the same info as Claire please e-mail asap

-- Harpal Singh (, August 29, 2001


Claire who?

-- Matt (, August 30, 2001.

Can I get the same list too please at the above email address

-- Mumtaz Unis (, September 07, 2001.

A nice serious answer.

There is no such list, never has been and never will be. It is not legal for repossessed houses to be sold in any way different to other houses. They should be marketed in the same way, preferably through an independant agent and the best, i.e. market rate price, must be saught.

In other words there should be no such thing as a repossession bargain as well the lenders know.

But who says they will follow what the law requires of them?

-- Matt (, September 07, 2001.

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