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I had my home repossed in 1991. The mortgage was with CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank Commerce. A year after repo I started paying Eagle Star (the insurers) for the shortfall. Last week I received a solicitors letter headed 'Abbey National v (my name)' from Davis & Co of High Wycombe saying they had taken over the handling of the account. Its the first I have heard of Abbey National even being involved and its now ten years down the line. I have written to the solicitors asking for proff that the debt is indeed owed to Abbey National but does anyone else have any advice or info on this matter. Regards Chris

-- Chris G (, August 28, 2001


If you have made an arrangement the 'assigns' can take it over if they have been assigned it.Any mortgage co reserveves such a right in the original offer.Look how many have merged in 10 years.You nedto examine the agreemnt that you made if you have been paying all this time then I think a court would rule that you made an arrangement and will have to hnour it.See a recommended lawyer not a lazy donkey one!

-- roger watts (, August 29, 2001.

Chris, perhaps you would be interested in what happened to us!! Go to JJ.

-- (, August 29, 2001.

Don't type the * JJ * into the address, it is my initials--ha ha.

-- (, August 29, 2001.

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