FX-11 development times

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I want to try some of the Crawley FX developers with some Plus-X I have, in particular FX-11, FX-37. I'd be gratefull for any development times from those who have experience with these developers.



-- George Paltoglou (stellar@optusnet.com.au), August 27, 2001


George, as a starting point, try; fx37-5.5 mins @ 20c, fx11- 7 mins @ 20c. Both developers will give an increase in film speed, try rating plus-x at 200-250 iso. Good luck.

-- sean o'fiain (sean_ofiain@hotmail.com), August 30, 2001.

In fact there is no speed increase. Goeff Crawley obviously just uses 0.06 density units as base for his speed tests, also many manufacuters of film. The ISO system (rightly) uses 1.0. If you use less base contrast you will achieve a higher film speed than with the ISO system, but this will greaty effect your shadow rendition. I cannot suggest rating films higher with FX developers.

-- Volker Schier (Volker.Schier@fen-net.de), August 30, 2001.

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