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Resetting a bone involves duck tape. For a second opinion, they refer you to last weeks episode of er. Their EKG machine bears a striking resemblance to an Etch A Sketch. There I V Solution looks an awful lot like Kool-Aid. They get their X rays developed at Walgreens. They recycle their tonque depressors. You get a discount if you make up your own hospital bed. Their ambulance rents itself out as an airport shuttle on the off hours Their thermometer reads to 400 degrees and tastes an awful lot like turkey Their mammogram machine doubles as the waffle iron in the hospital cateteria. Love Irene

-- Irene texas (, August 27, 2001


Thanks for sharing, Very Cute.

-- Jo (, August 27, 2001.

I believe I've experienced that Eggo Mammogram personally! OUCH!

-- Cheryl in KS (, August 27, 2001.

Hey, when my son was born 15 years ago, I was told I had to wash my own self up, if I was gonna get washed. I almost passed out, but I got it done.

-- daffodyllady (, August 27, 2001.

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