Minolta Auto Meter IV F with DV?

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Hey everyone!

Sorry to bombard you with two questions in one session, but I can't find any info about this either.

I'd like to use my Minolta Auto Meter IV F to measure light on a set when I'm shooting with my XL-1. Problem is, the meter requires f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. Has anyone out there ever used the Minolta Auto Meter IV F with and XL-1? Know of any tricks on getting readings?

Minolta claims it's possible, but doesn't give any info on how to do it.



-- John Locke (john@zchildress.com), August 27, 2001


Where is everybody?

Thought I'd chip in some info that I've learned since asking that question. Turns out if I keep clicking the shutter speed button up to and then past the 8000 shutter speed, it changes to frames per second (FPS) that you can select. Problem is...it jumps from 24 fps to 32 fps. The XL-1 runs at 30 fps, so the setting isn't exact. Not sure how much difference the extra 2 fps will create.

Another problem is "approximating" the ASA. Supposedly you can guestimate indoor at 320 ASA and outdoor at 160 ASA.

Looks like this will just take a heck of a lot of testing to figure out.

Oh well...


-- John Locke (john@zchildress.com), August 30, 2001.

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