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I am familiar with business cars "Atlanta" and "Savannah" but the "Columbus" is a new one to me... can anyone tell me if it also was modernized and whether its floorplan was like either the "Atlanta" or "Savannah?" Many Thanks!!!

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, August 25, 2001


The Central had 3 steel office cars. The "Atlanta" began life as a Pullman car in 1925. It was bought by the Central and was converted into coach 647 in 1942. It was converted into an office car in 1949. The "Savannah" was originally built as Pullman private car Marco Polo.

The "Columbus" was built in 1913 as Illinois Central sun parlor observation car no. 3855. It was converted into an office car in 1920. At that time, it was referred to as "Officer's Car No. 100." The CofGa had a wooden office car which was originally numbered 100. That car's number was changed to U.S.R.A. 73 in 1918. It was renumbered as no. 99 in 1920.

In January 1953, Office Car No. 100 was officially renamed "Columbus."

All three of the steel office cars have similar, but not identical, floor plans. Starting from the "non-observation" end, each had: kitchen area, porter's quarters, dining area, 4 staterooms (2 on Columbus), and observation area. The aisle down the side of the car is on the opposite side of the Columbus than the other two cars. (If you stand on the observation platform and face the interior of the car, the aisle is on the right on the Columbus, while its on the left on the Atlanta and Savannah.)

-- Allen Tuten (, August 25, 2001.

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