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In the late 1940s a school bus crossing the Little River crossing in Newberry County SC was struck by an oncoming train. Dozens of children as well as the driver were killed in this accident. Does anyone have any info on this tragedy. From stories I have heard that the road the bus was traveling was dirt, it had been raining, and the driver had to stop the bus on an incline. I have seen the area where it happened, but people here, understandably, are reluctant to talk about this event. The bus was taking students to the Silverstreet school--now closed-- and was running late that morning.

-- J.T. Harrison (, August 25, 2001


Go to for the entire ICC report of the accident, which occured near Old Town, SC. Very tragic accident, 12 dead, 10 injured, all on the bus, collision the fault of the bus driver on that misty day.

-- Matt Bumgarner (, August 25, 2001.

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