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Hi, and Thanks for your e-mail I know exactly what you mean about knowing things that are going to happen, And Yes it is a gift. but of course don't ask JOJ, that because he thinks witching is a hoax. JOJ is someone who answer my question. just a little infro about that. Thanks for sharing your story with me. Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 25, 2001


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I was raised with the understanding that water witching was a great gift. People from all over use to get my grandma to come over and douze for water. She never charged anyone but she was never wrong and everyone got good gpm.

-- Teresa (, August 25, 2001.

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Same here. What should have been contained in one thread is now four separate threads.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (, August 25, 2001.

Proof of the pudding is in the eating. Who's willing to prove their abilities?

JOJ Why is this post all spread out, anyway?

-- jumpoff joe (, August 25, 2001.

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