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Well JOJ, Again I will say thier is a lot to say about people that witch it is not a joke, I realize from you answer you hava a lot of infro. about drilling wells and I think that is good, I don't know any thing about drilling or any sience about the earth, and happy for you and your education about it, all I do is find water and the depth. I am not trying to brag or any thing of the sort just trying to find out infro. about gpm. but I figured you must be interested in witching or you wouldn't read these foot notes. And as for your challenge that would be nice if it was in my area but I am not into any contest. altho I would take the challenge. either it works or it don't true with any thing in Life. Give it what you have and let happens , Happen!. And No offense taking JOJ, Donna

-- Donna Osgood (lonndon@ynt.net), August 25, 2001


Response to water witching reply to JOJ


Please reply to a thread in the thread itself, rather than creating a new one. At the end of the thread just click on Provide An Answer, fill in the forum and click on Submit. That way people don't have to switch from thread to thread to follow a particular topic.

-- Ken S. in WC TN (scharabo@aol.com), August 25, 2001.

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