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The recent post requesting a developing time for HSI in Ilfosol-S reminded me that I haven't yet collected developing times for this film. So, if you have a time for this film that you would like to share with the world on my web site, please post it. Be sure to include developer, time, temperature, agitation method, exposure index, preferred filtration, and comments.

I'll start: I expose through a #25 red filter at an EI of 12 or 6 (I usually bracket) and develop in PMK for 12 minutes at 70 degrees, with 30 seconds of initial agitation and 5 seconds agitation every 30 seconds thereafter. This time is for use in a diffusion enlarger.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, August 25, 2001


Ed, I love the wildly different ev's and developer combinations with this film. I know it makes little sense from all I have read, but I use a # 25 filter, an ev of 800 and develop in Sprint 2:8 for 11:30 minutes at 20 degrees C.

Go figure,


-- Christian Harkness (, August 25, 2001.

I expose at EI of 400 and develop in ID-11 (stock) for 12 minutes @ 20C with 10 seconds initial agitation and 5 seconds every 30, not however inverting the tank.

-- (, October 09, 2001.

For those who have hoarded some 4x5 Kodak IR sheet film. ISO 400, #25 red, Zone III deep shadow placement, HC110 @ 6 mins-68*f. deep tank w/hangers. Pulled out/re-emersed in tank once every 1 minute. This gives normal contrast range with highlight halation. ISO 50 w/#25 red or #87b with zone III as deep shadows and 5 minute developement time gives really dense grainy results. Print with a very hard filter for maximum grain in print.

-- james (, October 09, 2001.

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