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Dear JOJ, Well maybe you should talk to the Driller that I have witched the wells the last 3 he has drilled I was right on the money how deeep he would go. I have another one witched he will drill next week. and Hopefully I have gave them the depth he will have to drill. but Thanks for your respond any how even tho you didn't tell me how to figure the gallons per mim. Oh I also yesterday locater a spring on the mountain for a friend and guess what she has water now. Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 24, 2001


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My grandmother use to do that. At the time I did not think anything about it. She use to tell me I needed to learn from her because I was the grandchild who had a gift for knowing things about the family without being told. (I will have awful dreems about somone in the family being in trouble and when I wake up somone is either been to the hospital or died) Once I would see my grandfather(passed away in 79)at a pond in my dreems, he was fishing and their were 2 horses saddled and ready to ride behind him. He would wave to me and the harder I tryed to get to him the more he would laugh at me and just wave. I never got to talk to him. (He was my best friend) This dreem went on for almost a week. I had told my mom about it and the first night I did not have this dream, I woke up and had the most awful feeling. My mom called and before she could say anything I told her grandpa was not at the pond last night what happened. My uncle pass away just before midnight. She just said I bet he missed ridding horses with his boys so he was here ready and waiting for him. I guess so. I never get this with anyone who is not family tho. My grandmother said it would make me a good water witch. I wish I had listen and learned from her when I had a chance. I am glad to know people still have this power.

-- Teresa (, August 25, 2001.

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Donna, sorry if I offended you. You should definitely go for the million bucks. I, too, have been extremely successful at finding water, here in my neck of the woods. But it has nothing paranormal involved. It's experience drilling wells, looking at well logs on adjacent properties, and a fairly good knowledge of groundwater hydrology and geomorphology.

Are you willing to take the challenge, for a million bucks? It won't cost you anything but postage, and whatever it costs for you to travel to take the test. Good luck!


As far as the gpm, that's pretty much impossible, in my experience. It will depend on how far you want to drill. In this area, you typically pick up some water right on top of the "hard" bedrock (the semi rotten bedrock, sometimes called saprolite, which exhibits high impermeability). Below this, you may or may not find significant water in cracks in the bedrock. So the deeper you drill, the more cracks you're likely to penetrate.

This type of well, especially down in the hard rock, is called a "confined aquifer". It's hydrologically separated from the surface by enough impermeable material to be under artesian pressure.

In an unconfined aquifer, such as many sand and gravel aquifers, sometimes including decomposed granite, it is typical to continue picking up more gpm more or less continuously as you drill deeper and deeper. So how would you "estimate" gpm? You'd have to tell your dowsing rod how deep you were planning to drill, I suppose. If your dowsing rod can understand English, and is a good, coopertative dowsing rod, I suppose it could tell you how many gpm you'd get at whatever depth you wanted to drill to. Some dowsers even claim their rods will jerk up and down once per gpm. I always wonder if the dowsing rods over in Europe jump up and down once per liter per minute, where they measure in metric units.

For what it's worth, the average gpm for all the wells I've located and drilled here in this area is just over 19 gpm. For the wells I've had witched (which I can get done for free) the average is only 11 gpm. Why is that, do you suppose?

One well witcher, the one most used by local realtors, bought a piece of land up the road from one of my rentals, where I'd drilled three good wells (29, 36, and 50 gpm, for three properties) He wanted to buy a share of a well from me, which I offered him for $10,000. It would have increased the value of his land by about $25,000. He said it was too expensive, and witched his property to drill his own well.

Four wells later, he got seven gpm. Total cost for the four wells, around $30,000.

I realize all my tales are merely anecdotal evidence, but so are yours. I personally would be glad to challenge anyone to prove their witching ability. In fact, I've offered any witch around here a reward of the amount of the cost of a well, if he can forecast the water, depth and gpm, even CLOSE to being accurate. All he/she has to do is pay for the well if he/she is wrong. I've never had a taker.

Next time I have a difficult lot to drill on would you like to come help me out? You could make an easy few $K.


-- jumpoff joe (, August 25, 2001.

not sure where to address this thread(it's all over the place)but I will keep an eye on it. Hate to be wet blanket but I think if a person has that talent they would go for the million bucks. Just think of all the people and animals you could help with that.The rest is just excuses. Just a thought. :)

-- Little Quacker (, August 25, 2001.

Just because we don't understand something or science can't explain it doesn't mean it doesn't exsist .In my family the weird upset stomach happens to a few of us when something bad is going to happen , like death .A few weeks before I moved to the farm my mom found a St.Christopher metal on her plant stand in the dinning room .I grew up in the house and had never seen the metal before ,neither had she .No one came to visit either .All I can say is the mtal stays around my neck .{St.Chris is a catholic St for keeping travelers safe }

-- Patty {NY State} (, August 25, 2001.

just as witching HAS been debunked by science, I believe that St Chris was de-cannonized many years ago.


-- jumpoff joe (, August 26, 2001.

Whoops sorry for the mess up on the threads, I am a self taught on the computer never sat in front of one until I bought one a 1 1/2 ago so am still learning new stuff everyday but I know there is no way I would have the knowledge to accomplish this task. I hope I did it right this time.If not I will try again, It has been a joy corresponding with you people, I can't really say much else on this question. I do witching as a favor to people in my area never charge anything. always have to been offered money but it something I feel I can give back to Life. And for you JOJ keep drilling, and I will keep witching for people who believe in me. I don't call them they call me so I guess my reputation must have something to say for me. Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 26, 2001.

Now JOJ there is one thing I want to say to you its about St.Christopher Medal I bought my husband one before he went to vietnam and gave it to him to keep him safe, as luck would have it he steped on a bouncing Betty I believe they called it land mine. blew all his main artries out of his legs they took him out in a helicopter which he has lost almost all his blood die a couple times to the hospital, once there the put blood into every vien they could find and then they took arteries from other parts of the body and put them in his legs. He is still being checked as he was one of the first for having that surgery. But I believe he had a little help with him hanging around his neck. And as the witching this is only good for those who believe. Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 26, 2001.

Donna, I'm sorry about your husband. I'm glad he survived the mine.

We all have a different way of looking at things. I'm happy that you have such a positive attitude. If I had had the experience your husband had, I would have said the St. Chris medal failed. You say it saved his life. It is good that you can see it in this positive light.


-- jumpoff joe (, August 26, 2001.

JOJ I really feel sorry for you that you see everything in a negative way I hope everything in your life isn't reflected that way I should think that it would be very depressing if it is. Remember all Things are possible. Yes - No .its everyones answer that suits itself. I feel St. Chris did save his life in many ways that just keep him a live it also let him know how not to take everyday for granted. and to be responible for every move you make, and to make good choices. Like believing in my witching. Ha, Ha, Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 26, 2001.

Donna, just because I don't believe in witching (since I have done a lot of research into both witching and groundwater resources in general), this does mean you need to judge me.

I do not see everything in a negative way, as you stated. I am a scientist by nature, which means I endeavor to see things in a REALISTIC way. If you choose to ignore reality, that is your right; however, I'm not into believing in fairy tales, for any reason, without scrutinizing them first.

I AM beginning to see YOU in a negative way, though, Donna. It seems that, rather than communicating on this subject, you would rather sling mud. Shame on you.


-- jumpoff joe (, August 26, 2001.

Dear JOJ I am not judging you and for sure I want you to know I respect your knowledge on water drilling and what other education you may have, As a matter of fact I try not to judge anyone, I would rather encourage them, rather than degrade them. And in No way am I negative person I am always ready to learn a new thing maybe I don't always come up the same ending as the one that is showing me or telling me but I would be willing to listen and try thier idea. So I offer Truce to you, some people just go down different roads and take a seperate Y somewhere in it. Donna

-- Donna Osgood (, August 26, 2001.

"Reality is just a collective hunch"........:) [from "The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe".......]

-- Earthmama (, August 26, 2001.

You say potato , I say patato. You say Tamato, I say tomato, Who is right?--- depends on which side of the fence you stand on.

-- kathy h (, August 26, 2001.

Your right about how different people talk and think thats why I said on life road we all take a different one and see something different on each road.

-- Donna Osgood (, August 26, 2001.

reality is an illusion.....albeit a very persistent one. einstein

-- jz (, August 29, 2001.

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