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I would like to thank you for the insights into the debate on "usury" interest charges. I found it interesting and informative. You intended to spark a discussion and evidently hit a nerve. Personally I'm not surprised give most homesteaders desire to remain or get debt free. I have had my own difficulties with credit cards, and have viewed myself as a victim. In retrospect, I freely admit I was foolish, but at the time it seemed the only way to get what I wanted/needed at the time. repayment was difficult and at times damn near impossible, but I made it. I'm kinda rambling but all I really wanted to say is that your posts are interesting and informative, please continue. Rog

-- Rog (, August 24, 2001


Rog, I totally agree. Thought that was a great thread and enjoyed it too. Thank Gary. There's a serious question on Religion I have been wanting to ask since my Dad passed away, but I guess am not up for needless arguing or a computer virus!

-- Annie (, August 24, 2001.

Thank you. I'm very happy you enjoyed the thread. It was actually started in response to something in an earlier thread with which I disagreed. I simply intended to present the facts and reason for the way things were done.

After a few exchanges I got the distinct impression that facts were not so much an issue as 'feelings' were, as in "I feel" or "In my opinion" statements. Finally, when logic and reason were countered with personal attacks and totally unfounded accusations, I decided to end the thread.

As to most homesteaders being debt averse, I wish more non- homesteaders were, too. It's taken me years to understand debt and how to effectively utilize credit. I'd love to tell you all of this came without making mistakes along the way. It did not.

As to continuing to post, I have to tell you that your letter has greatly encouraged me to do so. I had gotten the distinct impression from at least one here that my posts were no longer welcome. It's nice to know that's not necessarily the case. ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (, August 26, 2001.

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